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Tour de Heartland (TdH) was 'born' in September 2009 with 15 intrepid cyclists riding nearly 400km across the heart of Victoria (Australia) from Mansfield in the Alpine region, to Castlemaine in Victoria's historical Goldfield region.


The ride brings together a diverse group of people who share two things in common. Firstly a passion for cycling and the fantastic and enriching connection this sport creates when rolling down the road in a well formed bunch. Secondly a desire to make a positive impact in the lives of those facing significant challenges in the world.


In the past this has included raising funds for World Vision's annual 'Multiplying Gift Appeal' where the $6,000 raised by the group was matched by an additional $60,000 of World Food Program food aid for those living in some of the most extreme circumstances on the planet. That's a $66,000 impact made possible by the family, friends, colleagues and a myriad of donors who have supported TdH.  The group have helped raise a further $10,000 for charities such as UnitingCare, Kiva and beyondblue.


In 2015, the sixth edition of TdH, the group will again support emerging economies around the world by making a series of financial loans to enterprising and entrepreneurial business owners via micro-finance agency, Kiva

Kiva allows individuals and groups like TdH to make loans as small as $25 to business owners around the world as a means of lifting them and their communities out of poverty.  Often it takes only a small amount of money to get a business established and providing a sustainable income for the business owner, their family and, in many instances, to provide employment opportunities for their wider community. 

This year’s ride will cover nearly 300km in two days as we travel between Beechworth and Mansfield in Victoria’s spectacular alpine region, and with the ride culminating in an ascent of Mt Buller standing at an elevation of 1,805 meters.  Along the way, we’ll aim to raise over $1,000 which will allow up to 10 loans to a value of approximately $1,000 with that money to be reinvested in more opportunities as it’s repaid. 

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