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TdHTOUR15 Course Outline

This year’s ride will take place  between Friday 25th September and Sunday 27th September 2015


The plan will be to bus the rider group from Melbourne to Beechworth on the Friday afternoon (... leaving Hawthorn at 2pm to arrive in Beechworth in time for our usual launch dinner and festivities that evening).  We will then ride both Saturday and Sunday, aiming to depart from Mansfield around 1.30pm, to be back in Melbourne by 3.30pm. 


In terms of the ride course, the plan is to offer a 200km 'Queen Stage' on the Saturday for those looking for a major challenge... or the option of an 'still impressive' 142km alternate course, both of which start in Beechworth and finish in Mansfield.  Both rider groups will be fully supported on the road and the plan will be to have the groups meet up and ride the remaining 50km together… all going well!  This will be followed by the customary ‘few quiet beers’, a decent feed, and the usual awards/fines/'majors'.


After a solid sleep on the Saturday night, there will again be two course options on the Sunday morning.  The first will be an 82km 'out and back' trip to the top of Mount Buller.  The second will be an easier recovery ride out to Howqua Inlet and back, a mere 48km return trip.  On both days, start times will be staggered to help ensure the groups finish in close proximity.  The longer rides will depart around 7am but that’s negotiable.


Once everyone is back to Mansfield after the Sunday ride stages we'll clean up, grab some lunch and start the journey home.


Please take a look at the maps below detail both the intended ride courses and profiles.  Please note also that this event is not a race and is welcoming of all riders and fitness levels.  The aim is to ensure everyone has a great experience and riders are welcome to start and end their riding wherever they choose.  Support vehicles will be on hand to ensure riders are safe, fed and happy.


To register your spot for this years tour, simply complete the form on the right side of this page and please make your rider payment as soon as possible (see pricing and payment details below also).  For more information or to ask any questions, contact Andrew on 0439 875 725 or email


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TdHTOUR15 - Course Schedule


Beechworth to Mansfield via Warby Range State Park (200km)


'Alternate Stage'

Beechworth to Mansfield via Lurg (142km)


Mansfield to Mt Buller and Return (82km)


Mansfield to Howqua and Return(48km)

TdHTOUR15 - Payment Details

Full or part payment of rider fees should be made to the following account.  Please add your name as a reference in the transaction and contact AJ/Andrew via email ( or via mobile (0439 875 725) if you are making a part payment or if you have any questions.


Bank – Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank

Account Name – Andrew Johnston

BSB – 704 191

Account Number – 214929

TdHTOUR15 - Pricing

The fee for this year’s ride is $325 for riders and $150 for support people (… as always, support people are discounted as an acknowledgement of their hard work).  This fee includes :-

  1. All transportation (… from and back to the departure point in Hawthorn)

  2. Two nights’ accommodation (… based on twin share with the option to pay an additional $150 for single rooms if available)

  3. Two breakfasts, two  lunches and all ‘on road’ nutrition (… gels, energy bars, lollies and sports drink) for the Saturday and Sunday

  4. An item of custom designed TdH clothing plus the option to order a full TdH rider kit (… orders to be taken in July 2015)

  5. A rider kit containing a range of goodies to help you through the ride

  6. Awards and prizes for all participants

The event is ‘not for profit’ and the fees charged comprise only the direct costs for your participation plus a small contingency to cover unexpected costs.  If not required, this contingency is returned to the group either as cash, as a contribution to the final dinner or lunch or as a contribution to any fundraising efforts undertaken by the group. 

All costs are accounted for and available for scrutiny.